A Diaper Cake? What is that?
A diaper cake is a gift or decoration made of diapers and other fun items for the new baby.  The diapers are formed to look like a multiple tier cake.  (NO, it is not a cake that looks like a diaper, that would just be weird!)

Are the diapers in the cakes usable?
YES, all of the diapers used to make an SGD Diaper Cake are 100% usable.  The diapers are never glued or rolled and rubber banded.  It will require just a couple snips of some ribbon.  The cakes are easy to disassemble.

What kind of Diapers do you use?
I use Pampers Baby Dry Size 1 Diapers.  They are not only a brand mothers have trusted for years, but they also provide a wonderful blank canvas for your cake to be decorated in whichever color scheme you choose.  They are also the kind of diaper I use for my kiddo!

Can I order a cake made with a different brand/size diaper?
Of course you can!  Just let me know what you want and I will be happy to make your cake within your specifications.  Please note, there will be an additional fee to use another brand/size.  

What is the best way to order?
The best way to order is to go to the Request a Quote page on the website, complete the form with your specifications and budget and submit.  I will respond to you with a couple of different options with in your budget and then get to work on your cake.

How much time should I give you before I order?
The more time you give, the better.  I request you allow at least 1 week for local orders, 2 weeks for orders which require shipping.
How big are the Smiling Girl Diaper Cakes?
*All sizes are approximate and reflect a blanket flower topper and cakes using size 1 diapers.

Small 2 Tier Cakes - 8" W x 12" H 
Large 2 Tier Cakes - 10" W x 12" H 
Small 3 Tier Cakes - 10" W x 16" H 
Large 3 Tier Cakes - 12" W x 16" H
Small 4 Tier Cakes - 12" W x 20" H
Large 4 Tier Cakes - 14" W x 20" H