Tuesday, August 10, 2010

3 Tier Cake

Small 3 Tier SGD Diaper Cake
I had an e-mail in my inbox this morning from a woman who is going in with her co-workers to purchase a diaper cake!  What a great idea!  She wanted a specific kind of diaper, which I absolutely loved working with...I love they way they look on the finished product too.  :)  We ended up using 2 layers of new born diapers and 1 layer of size 1 diapers, so the new mom will have a variety of sizes to use.  We customized this cake even further with a cute teddy bear and travel size toiletry items.

The 3 tier cakes start at $40.00 and include 60 diapers (your choice of size).  Items can be added a-la-carte and you can choose from onesies, socks, stuffed animal, toiletries (set of 5), 2 baby wash clothes, pacifier, bottle brush, flannel blanket, rattle, etc.  If you have another idea, just let me know and we will see about making it happen!

Tonight was a lot of fun, really enjoyed making this cake and I hope they love it as much as I do!  :)

Have a great night and keep Smiling.  :)

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