Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lavender Lamb

This cake was so much fun to make!  I received a referral order a few weeks ago and the ladies ordering the were so nice and knew exactly what they were looking for.  They wanted a lamb stuffed animal and they wanted lavendar and white.

I was out on the hunt for a lamb stuffed animal and a lavendar onesie or outfit for the baby girl.  I searched high and low for a purple onesie, the kind you typically see on my cakes.  Apparently, if you are going to have a girl, Gerber and the other onesie people ONLY want them to wear pink.  :)  While looking for the purple clothing with little luck, I found the adorable lamb that adorns the top of this large 2 tier cake.  I love the Baby Gund stuffed animals...they are all so cute and well-made and fit perfectly on my cakes.  :)

After a few trips out, I stumbled upon a 3 peice outfit which you see on the cake in the picture.  A lavender and white sleeper with a matching hat and bib (on the back of the cake).  It was PERFECT!  I love that the lamb is holding the hat.  This cake just makes me smile. 

My husband saw the cake when I had finished putting it together, he told me this cake was his favorite cake I had made. 

When I met one of the ladies who had ordered the cake, I really enjoyed chatting with her for a few minutes about the shower and loved seeing the smile on her face when she saw the cake!  Good luck with your shower today!  There is a beautiful blanket of fresh snow on the is a wonderful day for a baby shower!

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