Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Days and Cute Cakes

Ah, Summer is back and it has already been a busy one!  We have family in from Greece, my full time job is starting to get into the busy season, cook outs and know, the typical Summer to do's.  :)

I have been able to still enjoy squeezing in a few diaper cakes here and there between the choas.  One of my good friends in New York City sent me a message wanting a diaper cake for one of her good friends who was going to have a baby girl any day.  She wanted a large 3 tier cake decorated in pink and lavender to match the nursery.  I got to work right away, found the CUTEST 4 piece outfit which had pink bears that matched the pink bear topper perfectly!  :)  Added a purple blanket flower for the bear to be perchd on and VOILA, cake is complete and on its way to NYC...should be there on Monday!

The blue 'Spunky' cake to the right is another cake a local business purchased for one of their expecting clients.  :)   Such a considerate and impressive gesture for a business to celebrate their client's future kiddos.  :)  This cake is loaded with goodies too!  The Gund dog on top barks and is holding a burp cloth.  There is a onesie and coordinating bib and a blanket topper on this cake as well.  I am sure the parents to be loved it!  :) 

I hope all of you are enjoying a great summer too!  :)

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