Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time to Celebrate Baby #2!

Round 2 of babies is in full effect in my circle of friends and I couldn't be more excited for them!  Me?  Not yet!!   I am having too much fun planning Sprinkles for my favorite mommies-to-be x2!

Some of my girlfriends and I are busy at work planning a Sprinkle for two of our dear friends who are due this Spring!   We have started this tradition in our group of friends, because, EVERY pregnancy is special and EVERY baby should be honored in some way.  :)  

A lot of people I talk to have never heard of a 'Sprinkle'.  Let me tell you...they are SO. MUCH. FUN.   First of all, the pressure is lower than that of planning a full-blown Baby Shower.  This is more of a relaxed atmosphere kind of event - in my opinion.   Gifts are given - which usually involve new clothes, books and highly desired new 'Gear' that may have hit the market between baby #1 and baby #2.

Games?   They are not really my thing - but I am all for notes to the mommy with advice or something that involves thought and even a tangible 'gift' that is actually able to be used. (what am I going to do with a plastic pacifier giveaway - no offense to anyone who has done this...)  Great example:  My friends had a scrapbooking table at my baby shower and each person was asked to create a page out of the different materials each of them brought from their scrapbooking collection.  THIS.WAS.AWESOME!!!   Now, all I need to do is add the photos to my amazing scrapbook and BOOM, baby book - done. 

More to come as the plans unfold.  In the meantime - check out more information on Sprinkles.  Let's be completely honest - who doesnt LOVE an excuse to get together with friends and have fun?!  :)   I hope some of you start this tradition with your group of friends too!  So fun!   

What are your favorite baby shower and sprinkle activities/decor/go-to gifts?

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