Monday, August 16, 2010

Expanding the Scope

Tonight, I created my first towel cake which is perfect for bridal showers...going beyond bridal showers, it is perfect for weddings, graduation gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday's and house warming parties!
Go above and beyond, with out breaking the bank.

Smiling Girl Designs create a towel cake for your guest of honor.  Display it proudly as a centerpiece at the bridal shower you are planning or give one to your favorite couple for their wedding (a cake that will last longer than 1 day!).  Birthday, Graduation, Christmas or Hanukkah gift?  Yes, please!  Trying to find the perfect for that hard to buy for friend, wife, daughter, mother or grandmother?  Who doesn't love a new set of fluffy towels and new kitchen gadgets to replace older ones that have seen better days.  :) 

All you have to do:

Sit back, relax and leave the shopping and wrapping to me!  I just will need to know what colors you would like to utilize, what your budget is, if there are any specific kitchen gadgets or bath items you want to give and I will take it from there!  
Giving a gift off a registry?  No problem!  Let me know the names of the bride and groom and where they are registered and I will purchase the items for you.

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