Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ashley

3 Tier SGD Towel Cake
One of my best friends' birthday is coming up at the end of this month.  Ashley lives in Wisconsin and has quite the collection of towels...when I went to visit, I could not believe the size of her linen closet (I was jealous).  :) 

I wanted to make a towel cake for her birthday...something unique I could give her which I knew she would love and could use.   

I asked her about the colors in her bathroom and she sent me a photo of this gorgeous painting she has hanging in 'her' bathroom.  It is a large plum, gold and orange painting, "Life is Beautiful"...very appropriate.  :)  I found plush, plum-colored towels and coordinating ribbon which really picks up the purple tones well and matches the flowers perfectly.  I also added a loofah on a stick to the top and to make sure everything was held together.  Smiling Girl Designs is going to be making our very first shipment this week! 

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Friend!  I hope you enjoy opening this (it looks so much cuter in person!)  :)

Miss you Lots Ashley, keep smiling Birthday Girl!

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