Sunday, March 13, 2011

Future Football All-American

This cake is everything football!  :)  My good friend, Sarah, ordered her second cake from me a couple months ago.  She told me that her friends husband is a HUGE Colts fan--so, anything Blue and anything Football would be great.  

This cake was fun and challenging at the same time.  It is Spring, so there are all sorts of Baseball baby items out--not a whole lot of Football though!  I turned to and found the most adorable knit hat, made by Mud looks like a football...really adorable!  My go-to-bear!  I love this Chocolate and Blue Mary Meyer bear.  He comes in pink too and both have been featured as the topper to many of my cakes because they are a great size and they are SO soft!  
I also found a 'Little Colts Fan' bib, which is displayed on the back of the cake...Thank you  :)  

The football rattle and Football themed creeper were a great find when I was out shopping one day!  It was the last football hand rattle left.  :)  I am so thrilled with the results and it reminds me...hard work will ALWAYS pay off in the end.  Sarah loves the cake and that was my end-game goal.  :)

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